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Monday, January 7, 2008


If there's one thing I learned while reading Dubliners in EN282 (a novel of questionable importance) it's that not all epiphanies should be trusted. An obvious example of the false epiphany would be thinking the Take 5 bar is modern man's greatest invention after a successful smoke down. My recent flood of realizations is a mental whirlwind and thankfully, as I've grown, I've learned that these minor manias of mine (in which I am excessively alliterate) must be sorted. Into pretty matte painted boldly colored bins.

I was at home, winding down 24 focused minutes of home yoga practice (Shana:1, socioeconomic A.D.D.: nil) when a soul-shaking chord of singing women came through my speakers. I started thinking about some friends of mine, a comment I made on myspace, and a social norm.

The social norm I'm referring to is marriage. I was thinking about these friends, and then being excited at an idea of their wedlock, and then KAPOWIE! realization time. Why am I so excited about the idea of their possible-maybe-happening marriage?
I thought I categorically didn't believe marriage necessary (though a right to all who desire it and a legal protection for some). How would marriage be different for them, really?

Well? I admonished myself for hanging on to the damn deep cultural norm inside and pulled a Whinnie the Pooh (Think. Think. Think.). I came up with this. I already admire those two everyday. I don't think marriage is needed by all. However, for those who like it, want it, and make something beautiful of it; as I say, good times. I'll probably still cry at the ceremony and be really excited. I love celebrating.


pulley-whipped said...

i had to read this four times before i got the princess bride reference. i was like, mah-wahj? what does it mean?


ShanaRose said...