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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Daydreams Off the Map

I picked Off the Map out from mailbox and held it like Frodo held the ring. He knew its power was too big and very dangerous. I knew my obedience to the reality I've spent 2 years construction was very limited and weak and I knew this book would make me desperate to stop the implicit consent. I've been crying easily, and kind of a lot. I have always hated that I cry so easily, but sometimes I remind myself to be gentle and just let it go ahead. From Off the Map:

"Daydreams are really only life, when you live them up close, I thought. Take away the distance, live daily in the beauty you had imagined from afar, and immediately the flaws surface. It's like love that way; once you arrive, once you are firmly aground in a love, you begin to see that it has cracks and rough edges and dirty spots, pockets of toxins, less privacy maybe, than what you had imagined. But if you are willing to remember the initial distant beauty of a love or a daydream, and if you are willing to live in that beauty up close even with all its imperfections...then the dream is yours to have. People who can remember that on a daily basis are lucky, because they get to spend their time swimming and kissing instead of always looking off into the distance, making up things that aren't necessarily true about places or people who are far away. It's almost too easy to avoid living the dream you are in while questing for one more perfectly imagined."

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