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Thursday, December 20, 2007


It's been a bit since I've posted anything I consider to be Of Substance and it may be a bit more. See, all sorts of loose ends have tied up which means new doors have opened. I got hired officially to work for the Corporation last week. This is a Good Thing, despite what the the 22-year-old me may have thought. This Good Thing opens up opportunities for me to have a secure income which allows me to write, paint, dig, knit, frolic, dance, travel, dream, eat, love, live, breath, etc. unconstrained by paying-tha-bills-worry. I will also be able to accomplish some boring yet hearty financial goals. Hooray!

The 22-year-old me stills fears suddenly waking up at 40 and doing the very same thing I'm doing now, but the 25-almost-26-year-old me says "shut up you worry-wart, we're far to smart and passionate and curious and Aquarius for that shit. Besides, we read the news."

So as you can see, I'm all over the damn place. I'm living my happy little contradictory world. I'm getting in my trusty Lesbaru early Saturday morning and heading to Toronto to spend 2 weeks with the man who finished my Rumi poems for me, speaks in incantations, and who encourages me say all the beautiful and awful things I find to be real. He even seems to appreciate my tornado vocabulary and wandering and woman lust. I'm told it's been terribly obvious for months that I'm in love, but for 2 weeks, Very Soon, I get to Live In Love, which is an entirely exciting thing.

Anything else worthy of note?
Well there are all sorts of plans, vacations, bike parts and knit sock patterns in my personal hopper. But that will all wait until things quiet down. Probably in '08. Happy New Year Y'all. If I don't see you before then.

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