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Monday, November 5, 2007

Fetish Night Number 1 (3rd edit)

After nearly an hour of drinking in the scenery and second hand smoke, i moved to the main room. The main room contained many things. There was a suspension frame where the shibari rope Master worked. The old doctor's table with stirrups went unused through the night, i leaned there for a good view of things. i was surrounded then, by a St. Andrew's cross, a leather covered spanking bench and a very large wooden throne. Not far above me was a chain/pulley system for suspension.

The spanking bench turned out to be one of my most fetishized pieces of equipment. Beyond my avarice for most things bottom-related, this bench is where my eyes would transfix, once Lady Maria went to work mounting it. Before Her i was, at turns, interested, amused and occasionally perplexed. i was passive, not terribly hot, but not bored either.

i began watching Lady Maria from the second She walked in. i saw Her get a very attentive foot massage. i felt mild longing as i watched her tickle the sub attending her with a crop while She carried on a separate, seemingly casual conversation with another Domme. i followed her with my hungry eyes as the minutes passed.

She disappeared for a bit, and i watched a little plastic girl toy get tied up and teased into ecstasy by the rope Master. Then, She returned, walked Her sub to the spanking bench nearest where i stood. She instructed him to remove his pants and get on the bench. he did so, She walked away, as nonchalant as ever. She kept him waiting this way, his ass in the air, raucous couples teasing him for nearly 15 minutes. i watched Her glide back, a determined pallor cast over Her deep eyes.

She stood behind him and began spanking him with a firm hand. She warmed him up and then went at his ass with a leather flogger, then a crop, until his face was red and sweating and Her nipples were rocks beneath Her vinyl top. She unceremoniously pulled his boxers down to his knees to reveal a blushing bottom, to the hoots of smaller minded onlookers near by. She walked away again. My Date chuckled at my new obsession as i panted over Her.

i relished the waiting She tortured this sub with. i took notes on Her every step and wondered where She went off too to let his steam back build. i rested on the arm of a couch a few feet closer to the bench and joined in waiting with him.
She returned.
Wearing a strap-on.

i tried vainly to block out my racing pulse and the guffaws of the nearby stooges and kept my eyes fixed. She walked around and sat in a chair, legs casually splayed before Her subject, and twisted off the cap on a bottle of lube. She dropped the cap and it rolled out of sight. i started a little then forced myself to remain seated. i wanted very badly to get on my knees and crawl around on the floor to find the cap for Her. i wanted Her to pat my head condescendingly and tell me i was a good girl.

She squeezed lube into Her hand and began stroking Her cock. She slid two fists up and down Her shaft until, in the mirage of my mind: She was shimmering, Her cock was shimmering, and my cunt was glowing crimson in the juicy shimmers of it all. i licked my lips. i glanced at my Date across the bench and He smirked at me. Oh ho, my heart palpitated roughly.

This play couldn't last forever of course, She had to deliver eventually. Before She got up and walked around to Her sub's ass i moved again to reposition for an even better view. i walked back to Him and leaned as He roughly whispered thoughts into my flaming red ears.

The tips of my ears turn scarlet sometimes, when my arousal is loosely contained.

Lady Maria went to town. She smacked his ass again and again, warming him up. She moved immediately from Her violent arm swinging to thrusting. She had held the cock's head to his anus and generously let him ready himself. She placed Her hands firmly on his haunches. She bent her knees and straightened Her strong back. i shamelessly drank in the hardness of Her nipples fighting against the taught latex. i mentally licked the sweat from Her shoulders and neck. i psychically placed myself behind Her, pressed against Her, readied myself to thrust with Her. Finally, She penetrated him. Slowly She slid in each millimeter of Her cock and he pulled his head back in the ecstasy of feeling each bit of one's interior walls stimulated simultaneously. he moaned his mouth into a silent O. i moaned to myself a little and pushed my own ass against my Date slowly, as if i were the one receiving this act.

She worked Her way into it until Her fingertips were white with gripping, Her feet in their dainty strappy heels planted, Her knees bent and spread; She fucked that man until i was blue and begging.

Favorite Things From Fetish Night, October 20,2007
Pre-play, in which I learn the riding crop is a very delicious and evil thing.
Eye candy in shiny black vinyl, fishnets, boots and zippers
Shibari rope tying
Spanking horse (Dear Santa...)
Watching women fuck with strap-ons
Ecstasy faces
Spending an evening wet and shaky because everything around is titillating


InguzPhoto said...

A delicious night indeed my sweets.

Tara said...

Hot. :)