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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Join the Military and stay out of jail!

Lacking Good Ol'Boy Patriots, the U.S. Army begins accepting outright criminals.

Pentagon Mulls Easing Recruitment Standards
Meanwhile the Associated Press is reporting the Pentagon is secretly reviewing plans to ease enlistment standards to make up for a recruiting shortfall. The number of recruits seeking waivers for criminal behavior rose three percent last year to nearly one-fifth of all prospective servicemembers. Two-thirds of the waivers were approved.
From Democracy Now's Headlines for 11/7/07

In addition to an illegal war being fought in the name of ideology, we're now importing probably angry and mis-informed domestic terrorists. Amerikkka, spreading democracy and freedom like and STD!

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Nihilo Zero said...

The army is led by a criminal commander-in-chief, so it's no surprise that they recruit and corrupt lesser criminals. Soon they'll starting putting a cap on how smart grunts can be though -- they don't want to start getting questioned about their operations (which aren't at all in the best interests of the rank-and-file soldiers).