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Monday, November 26, 2007

ah, Thank You, Thank You

I was wanting to blog this morning, but hadn't anything to say. So now it's lunch, I've settled for the fact that only caffeine and sugar will get me through work and am trying not to focus on anything negative for now.

Rather than "work" I decided to spend a few minutes or so catching up on some blogs and possibly researching extra $$ ideas. Turns out, Tara has given me this Wonder Woman award and I feel blessed.

It's not the simplicity of the blog award, it's the thought, you know?
And so I pass it on!
Amy Goodman my uber-hero definitely gets one for being tireless, courageous and totally bad ass, Inga Muscio for writing a revolutionary declaration of independence for girls, women and men to come to sense by, and Pulley Whipped, for inspiring me on a more personal level.

Hooray for ladies!
And thank you Tara for showing me new doors to open that used to blend into the background (and for giving me Wild-Alaskan-Herbal dreams).

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pulley-whipped said...

OMG - I'm in a list with Amy G and Inga?? You've just whipped this pulley into a tizzy!