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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I am sitting, Both hands

Let the Blatant Work Slacking Begin Again.

I'm here, in the office with a pretty bad u.t.i. which I'm still not sure won't blow up in my face. I'm listening to Ani and hoping the words of my RN Aunt will hold water in front of the blood on my t.p. Ani sings "The Resistance is just waiting to be organized." She's right, that's the thing. It would only take leaders, from every city and town; 1 leader for every 100 lambs that want to be led to the fray.

Do you ever watch riot footage? I have an ex that calls it riot porn, and it is. It's like porn in that it gets you really fucking excited. Really revved up to blow something. My Aunt told me if the blood doesn't go away in 24 hours I have to follow up with a urologist. When I passed this information on to my Mom I laughed bitterly. Obviously, Aunt hasn't been given my version of yesterday's events in which I sat in a hard plastic chair at the free clinic in shades of agony and embarrassment, my humility degrading as the minutes, then hours ticked by.

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