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Monday, October 8, 2007

Spurred by a Headline

The good thing about this week is the annual convention, happening for my employers in New Orleans. For the next four days I will have no direction, practically zero e-mail, few calls and 4 co-workers on my entire floor. I will play my music (gotta love the Kinda Cloudy, the Tehuti, the Democracy Now, the Pinky Show)through my computer's speakers, I will read comparative news reports and scoff at the Bigs, and the consumers as they report them.

For instance:

From today's NY Times article titled
Death, Havoc and Heat Mar Chicago Race
(Front page material and yet, not that interesting, important, or informative)

By the fourth mile, she said, her shorts were soaked with sweat. “Everyone was sweating so much,” she said. “We knew it was going to be pretty brutal.”

She and Ms. Bock vowed to try to stay hydrated, but it was difficult, she said, because the stations set up to hydrate runners were running low on water and Gatorade — and another crucial supply. “We were picking cups up off the ground,” she said.

Ms. Costello said she saw runners on the ground, being treated by other runners.

Seriously? You SAW runners on the ground being treated by OTHER runners? W.T.F.

From Ani DiFranco's song "Subdivision"

i remember the first time i saw someone
lying on the cold street
i thought: i can't just walk past here
this can't just be true
but i learned by example
to just keep moving my feet
it's amazing the things that we all learn to do

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