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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Free Veggies from the City

Last fall was my first living in Chicago, but I've noticed the practice of using totally edible hearty greens as mere landscaping for a few years now. While on a walk at lunch yesterday, I took pictures of a couple of them so I could research (google) and to find out what they were, then embark on a sneaky plan to harvest them, and eat good on the city's millions of dimes. Mwa ha ha ha!!! This plan may not come to fruition this fall, but I'm sure, if I'm still here next fall it will. And so, for your delight and suggestive ways of cooking these treats here are our leafy green friends. Also, if you notice I've mislabeled a plant, please let me know!

Fig. 1: Kale (yum!)

Fig. 1.1: Kale up close

Fig. 2: Purple Cabbage

Not only do I delight in taking from the man, I think it's a perfect example of the disgusting waste in this city. If the mayor wants to spend millions on landscaping and not schools or public transit (red alert! red alert!) then maybe he could help make it known the hundreds of homeless people about that they can harvest these veggies and gobble them up. Free! And more nutritious than the prepackaged shit they can afford with the change the pan handle.

Also, Happy Halloween or Samhain or whatever you dance your little devil's ass off to.


Tara said...

Um. Free and covered in exhaust fumes?

ShanaRose said...

true...i've considered that too. hrm. though, probably no worse than what i choke down while riding my bike through the streets. (not to mention the drunken cigarettes)