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Sunday, October 28, 2007

cigarettes for sale

CIGS FOR SALE $5-6.50/pack depending on brand. also have cigars, good deals.

my weekend in notes:
friday, 8 pm -
small bar, jameson, beer, delicious companion
gary IN, cigarette costume binge, deja vu strip club
"They're with me."
"Oh they're with you now?"
"Let 'em in!"
("Think she's a dyke?")
dual lap dance from Chynah.
table dances, amazing pole work
real names, karaoke kevin
"We're at fullerton and california."
saturday, 12pm -
bad u.t. or bladder or kidney infection
brunch with an(n)as
rubber snakes and lobster oven mitts
4:30pm -
collapse in bed
chicken from feed
real cranberry juice
feverish tossing and reading
phone with devyn
adventure dreams
sunday, 11am -
drive to cary with billie
football yelling, family, snapping fireplace
smell burning leaves, fresh air
bbq, constant comment



Tara said...

Beautiful weekend.

pulley-whipped said...

Alright now! Friday Night! Deja Vu!