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Sunday, September 23, 2007

the seeds of all things are blest

this begins a new era. i have the internet in my studio now. no more at work blogging required.


i've drawn the shades half down to keep some of the morning cool safe from the heat of after summer sun. the last of 3 cds my lover put in my cd player is playing.

"i need
you here with me
not way over
in a bucket seat."

billy has passed out among the folds of the rug where she was chasing her tail. my clock has been wound and set to the correct time. my plants have been watered, my dishes put in the sink and left-overs in the fridge.

the silence around me is soaking me up.
the city's movements outside of me; silencing me.

i told him i was sad seeing him go, but was preparing for it.
i told him that an hour before he left. i was ready when he went.

i told him before breakfast that i would be there for him as much as possible. but that he should be warned, that when i've grown impatient, i tend to kick the ones i love when they're down.

the laugh not dead in his throat--
"good to know,"
he and his eyebrows said.

on the path to the house before saying final goodbye, as i walked ahead of him, and just so subtly threw myself up the stairs before him, i marveled at the apparent truth in that statement. it was off the cuff, and right on.

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