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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Dear NPR and Readers

Dear Reader,

I am the picture of the "millennium generation". My spelling skilss are steadily decreasing due to text messaging and automatic reformatting. My attention span is short and...what was I talking about? My vocabulary, for an English degree holder, is atrocious.

Atrocious is one of my best adjectives, for example.

I have been at work for 1 hour 48 minutes and I have accomplished the following:
1. chat with co-worker re: daily commute and the blue line
2. 8 minutes of work for my supervisor to get set up for a meeting
3. trip to s.bucks for sugary coffee confection
4. brief budget on the back of a receipt while at s.bucks
5. check yahoo, gmail, myspace accounts and reply accordingly
6. read the front page of the ny times
7. fetch water from 27th floor cafeteria
8. building fire drill
9. chat with co-workers about "69 S. Washington" tragedy 4 years ago
10. chat with co-worker about my boss
11. read Overqualified and feel warmth in my chest which I am trying to be consciously opening according to healthy posture and yoga practices
12. type this blog while considering the npr report I heard yesterday re: "the millennium generation" and how we're all discontent to work our way up the corporate ladder.

Dear NPR,

I am writing this to you from my cubicle at work on Michigan Avenue. I am not an expert on anything and I only have 5 minutes before I have to go to a meeting.

This letter is regarding your report on 20something workers and their behavior in the work force. Employers regard us as the most technically savvy and educated people in the workforce market, but they think we're also unreliable cry babies who's parents suckled us for too long. They think we don't know how to take care of ourselves.

Here's what I think in brief (the meeting): this isn't your world anymore. You bougie 45 - 60 year olds think that it's still possible to work your way up in a company for 25 years. You haven't heard about all the pension plans that fall through, all the lay offs that happen, all the disloyalty from companies now-a-days. I want to embellish these points but, I have to go pretend to work now.

Fuck you, bougie NPR. I'll listen, but you better be damn sure I won't donate. I don't need your $30 bougie coffee mug.

With respectful affection,
S.R. Cobb

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Zem Chance said...

Have I told... you lately... that I love you...

seriously Shana... you're one witty lady. :o)