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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Chocolate, where no chocolate's gone before

oh. my. god.

Bacon Exotic Candy Bar

Sitting at my desk, enjoying DJ Steeley's most recent show on kfai stream, and eating up my last 20 minutes of time clock at work, I perused 24 Boxes, a lovely blog about one woman's use of her year round subscription to boxes of farmer's produce from Angelic Organics in Rockford, IL.

Once again, in case you need me to clarify:

bacon + chocolate = mouth watering extraterrestrial orgasm explosion


Danny said...

oh fuck! Not you too with the bacon chocolate!

aka Shasta said...

there are others?
perhaps we can all gather, and have a week long festival on a Montana hog farm, where we create then eat effigies to bacon and chocolate.

Danny said...

My best friend Jessie has been raving about this bacon chocolate.

I said EW to her and I will say EW to you.