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Sunday, September 23, 2007

the ampersand of my heart


i haven't been explicit about much of devyn's visit. i did jokingly think to myself about sending a text message, or posting a cryptic myspace bulletin that said

"i've come up for air to let know i'm going back down, happily, and will resume regular scheduling on monday."

it was 4 day skip through decadence, ecstasy, and expanse.
in the 2+ hours of coitus that occurred every morning. in the way we both knew relief, after a tense moment of getting to know one another, and the way it spread our hearts. in the ways i can know myself better by making new friends and welcoming new lovers. in teaching me acceptance and some grace.

and now, in the cooing of the rock doves in the eaves above my bedroom and the satisfaction i'm going to go pull from a quiet cigarette, alone with my world on the back steps.

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