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Friday, August 10, 2007

time for a drink now?

I vowed to do yoga last night, but naughty sexy funny smart emails in my okcupid in-box kept me up too late. At 6:30 this morning and got up and did 25 minutes of sun salutations and triangle poses. Then I began my 2nd job at Wishbone, at 8 am. Now I'm back at my other, desk, job with a tired back. The building is emptying out, and I'm listening to "Funky Friday" found on

There's been a sudden upsurge of interesting correspondence on okcupid (i.d.: redacted). I was asked: what's 1 thing I wish more people knew about me.  I replied, I wish more people knew what a pervert I am.  I tried to think of a different answer, but nil.

I use the word "pervert", there, the way I use "dyke" or "slut". It's a positive thing for me, not my best or worst attribute, but something I've acknowledged about myself and come to appreciate. I thought, last night, about how that was 1 of the difficulties I had in high school. I felt wrong then.

I met a boy who's been blessed with a really appealing aura; I wonder what my aura is.

website: Funky Friday
article: "Bound for Takeoff in Business Class" check the ChiRP mention!
person: Shawn Campbell for rallying us to starting up ChiRP with vim and vigor.

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anna pulley said...

you're not only a perv, you're superv.