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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Some of this morning's thoughts

It's looking more and more like Bin Laden and Al Quaida are going to accomplish their goal of ruining the U.S. and it's economy with never ending war. Another operation, with another snazzy name, has begun, and another score of Iraqis have been terrorized. It's a disgusting scene over there and what's worse, the U.S. response continues to be exactly what Bin Laden hoped for. All the while the people in the country blunder along in lives that are increasingly difficult, bereft and poor; not seeing that we're being robbed and torn down as a country, economy and people.

I saw this book at Quimby's yesterday and as soon as I can muster up an extra $18.00 I'm going to get it. Sure, I could get it cheaper online, but I'd rather my dollars support something greater. War tax resistance has been an interest of mine for several years and in an age of on-line petitions, 50,000 person rallies, and a government that would rather look at our library check out histories than listen to our positions, I feel that the most effective way for me to voice my protest is to stop paying for this war.

In other "news":
These people are interesting and so is their goal.

I'm feeling rather detached from my daily routine right now and can't stop day dreaming. I made a list of what I'm dreaming vs. what I'm doing on the bus ride to work this morning. I started to let everything slip this weekend and tonight I have to pick it all up again.

Other interesting information
And, God love Jewish Moms...on bikes

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