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Monday, August 20, 2007

plucked from a wheelbarrow of thoughts

All I can say about these last 14 days or so is: WHEW! I want to keep thanking some kind of lucky stars for all the amazing people that have been shading my days as of late, but then I think I must have something to do with it too. It's as if I've found something inside of myself I didn't know I had, and am now successfully working it. It's a little scary at times...

There's a peacefulness coinciding with my plethora of activity that's refreshing also. Re-focus on possible career in academia/poetry is turning up. ChiRP is moving along gracefully, and I had a pleasant realization that, specifically, what I want out of any involvement in radio is a great show.

From an article in August's Sun Magazine, some interesting writing on the indifferent world vs. a God; via bugs.
"In his splendid natural history of predators, The Red
, Gordon Grice notes that the black widow spider's venom is far more toxic than necessary to kill its prey...

'Evolution does sometimes produce such flowers of natural evil... No idea of the cosmos as elegant design accounts for the widow. No idea of a benevolent God can be comfortable in a widow's world.'

...[The] element of chance defies the powers of reason and inquiry.
'We want the world to be an ordered room,' but there are flowers of natural evil, and unexplained goodness and glory, growing right across the road."

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