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Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Pinky Show. The Fight.

Thank you, Devyn, for turning me on to this: The Pinky Show

I'm listening to a comprehensive, yet simply explained, show about the U.S. in Vietnam. The disturbing similarities between the war in Vietnam and the war in Iraq are pointed out. Now that Bush is publicly comparing the two wars it is unthinkably foul to really understand the implications.
The reasons we went to war with both countries were falsified to the American public. In both situations the essential reason we went to war was because the countries at hand were attempting to make Democratic progress toward economic stability (aka: freedom), BUT their markets were not open to American Business. The united states' entire history of Foreign Policy is based on a story of heroism and fighting for freedom/democracy while behind the curtains the ruling/elite class is actually fighting for power gains and economic control. The majority of the 'american' public believes 250 years of lies and fairy tales.

I am green...back to work and the struggle, while my head and heart are elsewhere.

Below is part of the transcript. Part of the reason this show is impressive. It's thoughtfulness runs very deep.

Bunny: ...Did the Americans not try to learn anything about Vietnamese history before taking on this war? Why did the American leadership disregard all reliable information on this matter, choosing instead to impose their own paradigm on the situation regardless of whether or not it fit? Was it just arrogance?

Pinky: I dunno - which one was it?

Bunny: I... I don't know. Maybe it was all of the above. You know, I've thought about it quite a bit, and I kind of have this idea that maybe it had something to do with America's denial of its own colonial past. Maybe when a nation's own history of genocide or taking land by force is erased from memory, maybe that helped to render the Vietnamese people's struggle for land and sovereignty invisible. I can't think of any other way to explain why they couldn't see what was happening right there in front of them.

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