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Thursday, August 9, 2007

new home!

In addition to phone numbers, old text messages and memories, I've deleted my livejournal account. I'm finding more and more awesome blogspot blogs, and want to do more writing/embedding than myspace's format really encourages. Besides--we are young, heart ache to heart wait, that's not what I was going to say--

Besides, if we can't meet up in community squares, coffee houses or rallies, then Blogging's the new black.

I am SO 3 years ago.

Why am I compelled to blog?

1. As a way of sharing my thoughts with my friends from within the confines of my paper filled cube.
2. To join in a larger community of writers, thinkers, activists, d.j.s, shouters, jumpers, and d.i.y.ers.
3. Because it's 2007, I'm 25 and this is what you do when you work 9-5.
This is what you do when 5 corporations own all the media (25 years ago that number was 50).
This is what you do when when the "liberal/left/democratic" party's darling advocates attacking victimized countries on behalf of...what? What is the need they claim now?
This is what you do to keep sane and communicating.
4. I'm a writer.

Today's new website:
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Today's new person:

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