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Monday, August 13, 2007


Adios, Karl Rove, and don't let the door hit'cha where God (in all his intelligent design) split'cha!

Wow, I'm 1 part beside myself with the news that this Evil-F**ker is leaving the White House (cheers went up across the world, I'm sure), but I'm also 2 parts skeptical. Karl Rove lives in G-Dub's pocket and I don't believe he's going to stop main-lining his strategies into Bush's head. I'm not being euphemistic about his address in the prez's pants either; a google search of "karl rove george bush's pocket" gets 227,000 hits.

Hilarious embedding aside, I'm serious, I don't think Rove is actually removed from this picture. Not that it matters much, as there's a national countdown of seconds left in the current administration's reign, but I did want to open up the eyes, of my 2 readers, to this possibility.

Now that that important business is taken care of I must return to work, where I'll hopefully accomplish 2 more things in the next 2 hours. This double duty on the job front is seriously impeding my productivity.

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