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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Anti-War Cats with Guns

I'm having an apathetic day fueled by supreme irritation with my supervisor.

I sent in a resume/cover letter chock full of witty chutzpah to Pink magazine today. It was fun even just thinking about it.

I've stopped all work because I'm pissed off and don't give a hoot if I'm being irresponsible or a slacker at this job right now.

Cats with guns is making me feel happy. Pinky is talking about the AK-47 as representative of freedom and revolution for millions of people, as well as oppression and violence for others.

Nothing more thoughtful right now. Mostly, I wanted to kvetch.
Thanks for listening.
hearts & stars,

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Zem Chance said...

i like it when you kvetch at me, even when it's not at me... i need to rewrite my resume... it's lame, and boring, and very outdated.