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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Anti-War Cats with Guns

I'm having an apathetic day fueled by supreme irritation with my supervisor.

I sent in a resume/cover letter chock full of witty chutzpah to Pink magazine today. It was fun even just thinking about it.

I've stopped all work because I'm pissed off and don't give a hoot if I'm being irresponsible or a slacker at this job right now.

Cats with guns is making me feel happy. Pinky is talking about the AK-47 as representative of freedom and revolution for millions of people, as well as oppression and violence for others.

Nothing more thoughtful right now. Mostly, I wanted to kvetch.
Thanks for listening.
hearts & stars,

Friday, August 24, 2007

happy ears and insides

My forever solid brotha DJ_Steely has gotten hisself a radio show in his new city, Minneapolis. I'm pretty effin' stoked for him but that's not to exclude me! I get to listen to the man do his thang again! Check it out if you have a soul: Kinda Cloudy Radio. It's good for you.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Pinky Show. The Fight.

Thank you, Devyn, for turning me on to this: The Pinky Show

I'm listening to a comprehensive, yet simply explained, show about the U.S. in Vietnam. The disturbing similarities between the war in Vietnam and the war in Iraq are pointed out. Now that Bush is publicly comparing the two wars it is unthinkably foul to really understand the implications.
The reasons we went to war with both countries were falsified to the American public. In both situations the essential reason we went to war was because the countries at hand were attempting to make Democratic progress toward economic stability (aka: freedom), BUT their markets were not open to American Business. The united states' entire history of Foreign Policy is based on a story of heroism and fighting for freedom/democracy while behind the curtains the ruling/elite class is actually fighting for power gains and economic control. The majority of the 'american' public believes 250 years of lies and fairy tales.

I am green...back to work and the struggle, while my head and heart are elsewhere.

Below is part of the transcript. Part of the reason this show is impressive. It's thoughtfulness runs very deep.

Bunny: ...Did the Americans not try to learn anything about Vietnamese history before taking on this war? Why did the American leadership disregard all reliable information on this matter, choosing instead to impose their own paradigm on the situation regardless of whether or not it fit? Was it just arrogance?

Pinky: I dunno - which one was it?

Bunny: I... I don't know. Maybe it was all of the above. You know, I've thought about it quite a bit, and I kind of have this idea that maybe it had something to do with America's denial of its own colonial past. Maybe when a nation's own history of genocide or taking land by force is erased from memory, maybe that helped to render the Vietnamese people's struggle for land and sovereignty invisible. I can't think of any other way to explain why they couldn't see what was happening right there in front of them.

Monday, August 20, 2007

plucked from a wheelbarrow of thoughts

All I can say about these last 14 days or so is: WHEW! I want to keep thanking some kind of lucky stars for all the amazing people that have been shading my days as of late, but then I think I must have something to do with it too. It's as if I've found something inside of myself I didn't know I had, and am now successfully working it. It's a little scary at times...

There's a peacefulness coinciding with my plethora of activity that's refreshing also. Re-focus on possible career in academia/poetry is turning up. ChiRP is moving along gracefully, and I had a pleasant realization that, specifically, what I want out of any involvement in radio is a great show.

From an article in August's Sun Magazine, some interesting writing on the indifferent world vs. a God; via bugs.
"In his splendid natural history of predators, The Red
, Gordon Grice notes that the black widow spider's venom is far more toxic than necessary to kill its prey...

'Evolution does sometimes produce such flowers of natural evil... No idea of the cosmos as elegant design accounts for the widow. No idea of a benevolent God can be comfortable in a widow's world.'

...[The] element of chance defies the powers of reason and inquiry.
'We want the world to be an ordered room,' but there are flowers of natural evil, and unexplained goodness and glory, growing right across the road."

Friday, August 17, 2007


I'm signing a lease Monday!!
Shasta's 1st OWN apartment!!!

Me, Billy the cat, and my plants will be happy to welcome friends, lovers, neighbors and new spirits after September 1st. Maybe we'll get a fish too. Oh. My. Goodness. I'm excited.

Let's think: terra cotta colored kitchen and maybe a green or teal main room? I have a cool idea for shade on shade wall stenciling. More mobiles made from twigs and leaves. Sewing projects. Minimal furniture and a yoga spot...

(combined with Friday-cube-fever, an amazing, new, electric fellow, and Bruce Springsteens's "All I'm Thinkin' About is You"...I may have to outside and click my heels a few times.)

dooby dooby do!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Why I love Amy Goodman

Because she runs this most most most excellent program.
Check the headlines from today. Always interesting, but today there's information about poetry and radio, two of my favorite subjects.

Shooting at KPFT, Houston
New Book Compiles Gitmo Poems
<3, the miner

Some of this morning's thoughts

It's looking more and more like Bin Laden and Al Quaida are going to accomplish their goal of ruining the U.S. and it's economy with never ending war. Another operation, with another snazzy name, has begun, and another score of Iraqis have been terrorized. It's a disgusting scene over there and what's worse, the U.S. response continues to be exactly what Bin Laden hoped for. All the while the people in the country blunder along in lives that are increasingly difficult, bereft and poor; not seeing that we're being robbed and torn down as a country, economy and people.

I saw this book at Quimby's yesterday and as soon as I can muster up an extra $18.00 I'm going to get it. Sure, I could get it cheaper online, but I'd rather my dollars support something greater. War tax resistance has been an interest of mine for several years and in an age of on-line petitions, 50,000 person rallies, and a government that would rather look at our library check out histories than listen to our positions, I feel that the most effective way for me to voice my protest is to stop paying for this war.

In other "news":
These people are interesting and so is their goal.

I'm feeling rather detached from my daily routine right now and can't stop day dreaming. I made a list of what I'm dreaming vs. what I'm doing on the bus ride to work this morning. I started to let everything slip this weekend and tonight I have to pick it all up again.

Other interesting information
And, God love Jewish Moms...on bikes

Monday, August 13, 2007


Adios, Karl Rove, and don't let the door hit'cha where God (in all his intelligent design) split'cha!

Wow, I'm 1 part beside myself with the news that this Evil-F**ker is leaving the White House (cheers went up across the world, I'm sure), but I'm also 2 parts skeptical. Karl Rove lives in G-Dub's pocket and I don't believe he's going to stop main-lining his strategies into Bush's head. I'm not being euphemistic about his address in the prez's pants either; a google search of "karl rove george bush's pocket" gets 227,000 hits.

Hilarious embedding aside, I'm serious, I don't think Rove is actually removed from this picture. Not that it matters much, as there's a national countdown of seconds left in the current administration's reign, but I did want to open up the eyes, of my 2 readers, to this possibility.

Now that that important business is taken care of I must return to work, where I'll hopefully accomplish 2 more things in the next 2 hours. This double duty on the job front is seriously impeding my productivity.

Friday, August 10, 2007

time for a drink now?

I vowed to do yoga last night, but naughty sexy funny smart emails in my okcupid in-box kept me up too late. At 6:30 this morning and got up and did 25 minutes of sun salutations and triangle poses. Then I began my 2nd job at Wishbone, at 8 am. Now I'm back at my other, desk, job with a tired back. The building is emptying out, and I'm listening to "Funky Friday" found on

There's been a sudden upsurge of interesting correspondence on okcupid (i.d.: redacted). I was asked: what's 1 thing I wish more people knew about me.  I replied, I wish more people knew what a pervert I am.  I tried to think of a different answer, but nil.

I use the word "pervert", there, the way I use "dyke" or "slut". It's a positive thing for me, not my best or worst attribute, but something I've acknowledged about myself and come to appreciate. I thought, last night, about how that was 1 of the difficulties I had in high school. I felt wrong then.

I met a boy who's been blessed with a really appealing aura; I wonder what my aura is.

website: Funky Friday
article: "Bound for Takeoff in Business Class" check the ChiRP mention!
person: Shawn Campbell for rallying us to starting up ChiRP with vim and vigor.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

new home!

In addition to phone numbers, old text messages and memories, I've deleted my livejournal account. I'm finding more and more awesome blogspot blogs, and want to do more writing/embedding than myspace's format really encourages. Besides--we are young, heart ache to heart wait, that's not what I was going to say--

Besides, if we can't meet up in community squares, coffee houses or rallies, then Blogging's the new black.

I am SO 3 years ago.

Why am I compelled to blog?

1. As a way of sharing my thoughts with my friends from within the confines of my paper filled cube.
2. To join in a larger community of writers, thinkers, activists, d.j.s, shouters, jumpers, and d.i.y.ers.
3. Because it's 2007, I'm 25 and this is what you do when you work 9-5.
This is what you do when 5 corporations own all the media (25 years ago that number was 50).
This is what you do when when the "liberal/left/democratic" party's darling advocates attacking victimized countries on behalf of...what? What is the need they claim now?
This is what you do to keep sane and communicating.
4. I'm a writer.

Today's new website:
Today's new word:
Today's new person: